The Idea Competition will take place before rather than during the Arrive 2021 virtual summit. Individual student submissions are due November 12, and the top 5 pitches will be recognized on November 17 during the virtual summit.

The 2021 Competition

New to this year’s agenda, we are hosting a 1-minute pitch competition for individual students. They don’t need a business plan. They don’t need existing customers. They don’t need experience. They only need an idea! The uniqueness of their idea is not as important as their determination to understand a problem they want to solve.

All video pitches will be submitted via FlipGrid and evaluated using the following criteria:

1. Problem

Has the student provided clear evidence of a real, significant Problem or gap in the market?

2. People

Has the student identified and clearly described the People who are affected by this Problem?

3. Potential

Has the student provided a compelling case for the Potential of your idea as a solution to this Problem?


The top 5 pitches will be announced during the Arrive 2021 virtual summit and will each receive $100.

Submission Guidelines

  • This is an individual student competition (no teams).
  • Submissions must address the 3 Ps listed above (Problem, People, Potential).
  • Submissions must be posted to FlipGrid by the posted deadline (Nov 12).
  • Access to submit student videos to our FlipGrid group can be requested by emailing a list of any participating student names to james.b.wilcox@usm.edu.