How to Get Involved

As an SEP sponsor, you enrich the lives of 600+ aspiring entrepreneurs every year through your support of the Program’s world-class opportunities and resources!

Join the SEP’s statewide network of entrepreneurs, business mentors, and community stakeholders who are helping prepare Mississippi’s youth to become our state’s future innovators and business leaders.

Teachers, take your students’ entrepreneurship experience to the next level by becoming a Master Teacher of Entrepreneurship (MTEnt)!

What Teachers Are Saying

“The SEP is one of the greatest opportunities and contributions ever made to our youth and to our communities. This program reminds our students that their talents are worthy of financial gain and are valuable to our economic growth. When they win, we as a society win.”

Clementine Fantroy, Biloxi High School

“This was my first SEP State Competition, and it was the single best competitive event I’ve ever attended. This competition gave my students so much, including a new network, confidence, and live business experience.”

Donna Baxter, Poplarville High School

“The SEP has helped me to be a better teacher in the classroom as well as have more student participation. I felt like we were in a real life episode of ‘Shark Tank.’ I will look forward to this every year.”

Kali Harris, New Hope High School

“This opportunity gave my seniors a new perspective on their Engineering Design and Development capstone projects. Instead of just developing and building a product that works, they had to develop something that was marketable. They quickly learned that these are two very different distinctions. Several were inspired to think about patenting or marketing their products in the future. We definitely want to be involved in the SEP again next year.”

Michelle Robinson, Madison Central High School

About Us

The mission of the Southern Entrepreneurship Program is to provide Mississippi’s youth a head start in becoming our state’s future innovators and business leaders through a hands-on approach to opportunity recognition and value creation.