Due to this year’s virtual format for SEP Arrive, the 2020 Innovation Challenge will take place before rather than during the event. Team submissions are due November 13, and the top 3 winning teams will be recognized on November 17 during the SEP Arrive virtual summit.

The Innovation Challenge serves as the focal point of SEP Arrive.

Previous topics have challenged student teams to re-market their communities based on local assets, design school-based enterprises, dream up the perfect entrepreneurship education program, identify strategies to address brain drain in Mississippi, and propose new products made from “adding value” to locally grown/produced raw commodities like timber or sweet potatoes.

The 2020 Challenge

This year’s Innovation Challenge encourages student teams to use market data (provided below) to identify a business opportunity within their county. The provided data highlights their county’s leakages and surpluses across retail industries. Whether they choose to fill a gap (leakage) or leverage local strengths (surplus), the goal is to follow the money trail!

1. Vision

Teams will use their county’s Retail MarketPlace Profile (below) to identify a local business opportunity.

2. Value

Teams will walk through a simple validation process for their business proposal.

3. Voice

Teams will submit their proposal and a video pitch (30 seconds) through the Team Submission link below.

Teacher’s Guide

For a complete introduction to this year’s Innovation Challenge along with warm-up activities and step-by-step instructions, please download and use the following guide.

The four SEP student stories referenced within the Teacher’s Guide can be found here:

Team Rules

  1. Teams can range from 3* to 10 students/each.
  2. Schools are limited to a maximum of 10 teams.
  3. Submissions must be completed in entirety, including the 30-second video pitch.
  4. Submissions must be received by the posted deadline (Nov 13)

*Exceptions to the minimum team size will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Ready to submit your team proposal?

Below is a printable version of the Submission Form. Please consider reviewing prior to completing the online submission.

Retail MarketPlace Profiles