SEP Arrive!

November (during Global Entrepreneurship Week)

Currently offered virtually.

A statewide kickoff event offering an introduction to the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, engaging students through a combination of interactive guest entrepreneurs and competitive challenges.

Innovation Challenge

The innovation challenge serves as the central activity during SEP Arrive.

Previous topics have challenged student teams to re-market their communities based on local assets, design school-based enterprises, dream up the perfect entrepreneurship education program, identify strategies to address brain drain in Mississippi, and propose new products made from “adding value” to locally grown/produced raw commodities like timber or sweet potatoes.

The 2020 Innovation Challenge encouraged student teams to use (provided) market data to identify a business opportunity within their county. Data from the Mississippi Secretary of State Office’s Y’all Business resource was used to highlight each county’s leakages and surpluses across retail industries. Some teams chose to fill a gap (leakage). Others chose to leverage local strengths (surplus). Regardless of their preferred approach, the goal for everyone was the same–find opportunities!